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Set Up Easy Event Payments with Square Integration

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Fast. Simple. Smart.
Modern Payment Processing Made Easy.

Capabilities for on-demand sales and mobile payment processing are changing how event managers plan events. Square offers better features than other payment processing platforms. Learn how you can:

✅ Offer Omnichannel Sales
✅ Distinguish Events and POS
✅ Reduce Payment Issues
✅ Connect Square to Brushfire

In this guide, we’ll discuss why Square is ideal for nonprofits, churches, schools, organizations, businesses, and entertainers. Plus, check out our simple five-step process to get Square set up for your next event.

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Learn how Brushfire was the first company ever to offer omnichannel event payments.

Discover why 210 million active users choose Square!

Explore how Square beats out other legacy payment processors with smarter tech and versatile features.